Welcome to The New Age of Currency™

MoneyTrac Technology, Inc. (MTRAC) is a technology holding company with a number of asset backed holdings in the areas of Software Technology, Blockchain Software Technology, Cryptocurrency, Digital and Print Marketing and Advertising, Compliance Software, and provides a service through Sales and Marketing of these technologies.  MoneyTrac Technology Inc. is striving to be the premier service provider in “Banking the Unbankable™ ”



The MTRAC-Token as part of its Public Initial Blockchain Offering to accredited investors in compliance with security regulations, provides a ½ common share purchase warrant of MoneyTrac Technology Inc. per token acquired in the Security Exemption rounds for a single share (see Token Accelerator for more details)The MTRAC-Token holders will be eligible to participate in Management’s intended dividends within 24 months. 

The MTRAC-Token’s Company issued common share purchase warrants conversion to common shares will be subject to conditions including, an exit strategy via liquidity event including but not limited to IPO, Reverse Merger, M&A, or purchase based on future Board, Shareholder, and other approvals as required.




Treating a token as a security by offering it through a regulatory sales and exemption process creates a new age of currency using existing blockchain technology, taking what we know today as a private offering and combining the two.  Our goal is to create a balance sheet funding program specific to a dividend or yielded return program by developing business methods using innovative and compliant solutions.  This will potentially allow Token holders to gain increased liquidity opportunities through the Company’s distribution of profits, and through the exchange of cryptocurrency for fiat currency through existing and evolving compliant marketplace and banking solutions.  It is Management’s intention to start paying a dividend to all token holders within 24 months.